Donald Trump WARS with Erdogan as US snub Turkish visas amid rising Middle East...

DONALD Trump risks going toe to toe with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the US suspended visa services for Turkish citizens. Daily Express :: World Feed

Catalonia independence: The regions across Europe that could be NEXT to gain sovereignty

CATALONIA overwhelmingly backed independence from Spain but several other separatist movements could now be next to take to the ballot boxes. Daily Express :: World Feed

Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock ‘spent decades hoarding guns and did NOT act alone’

STEPHEN Paddock could have spent more than 20 years plotting his devastating attack on innocent people in Las Vegas, police have revealed. Daily Express :: World Feed

Don’t bash Britain over Brexit: ‘Schadenfreude’ is DEVASTATING the EU, warns German paper

BRITAIN has become a laughing stock among European leaders who are lining up to criticise the country’s vote for Brexit, according to a German newspaper. Daily Express :: World Feed

Catalonia referendum LIVE: Riot police STORM polling stations as independence vote begins

RIOT police have stormed polling stations, dragging and pushing voters away from ballot boxes in Barcelona as Catalonia’s independence referendum gets underway. Daily Express :: World Feed

UK only has HOURS to prepare for WW3: North Korea vs US is REAL...

THE prospect of World War three between the US and North Korea is now a "real possibility" and Britain would have to act immediately, experts have warned. Daily Express :: World Feed

China steps up on North Korea: Chinese take ‘gigantic step’ to pressure Kim Jong-Un

CHINA'S decision to slap economic sanctions on North Korea has been welcomed by US officials who say the move shows Beijing is "serious about living up to the commitments” to halt...

Fishermen STUNNED as massive SEA MONSTER washes up on beach

A MYSTERIOUS sea creature has washed up on a beach in front of shocked sunbathers. Daily Express :: World Feed

UK has committed ‘CARDINAL SIN’: ‘Vengeful’ EU will PUNISH for Brexit – whistleblower

A WHISTLEBLOWER has described the Brussels bureaucrats as “vengeful” and warned they will seek to punish Britain for Brexit. Daily Express :: World Feed

Spain in CRISIS: Troops sent in as 40,000 protest over ‘WAR’ on Catalan independence...

MORE than 40,000 people have gathered in Barcelona to protest over the Catalan independence vote as the Spanish Government sends in troops to deal with the activists. Daily Express :: World Feed


City News: Auto Trader, CMC, BT and Co-op

AUTO Trader shrugged off concerns over a fall in consumer spending as it drove up annual pre-tax profit by 23 per cent to £193.4million. Daily...