‘GOD’S MESSENGER’ Rocky Mountains ‘recluse’ claims to be prophet – with new announcement

A MAN who lives a life of near solitude in the Rocky Mountains claims to to be a modern prophet who speaks on behalf of God. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

UFO video? NASA CONFIRMS 60 reports of mysterious fireball over Florida

A MYSTERIOUS fireball filmed over Florida sparked fears of an alien invasion and NASA has finally broken the silence to address the “UFO” sighting. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

SHOCK CLAIM: ‘I SUMMONED ALIENS using expert’s technique before being hounded by UFO’

PARANORMAL researchers are investigating claims a man was hounded by bizarre lights after trying to "summon aliens" with a technique reportedly used by an expert. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

What are they hiding? Double sonic boom heard over ‘alien UFO base’ Area 51

UFO truth seekers believe a double sonic boom being heard over the mysterious Area 51 military could be a sign of something other worldly being hidden in the classified location. Daily Express...

MARS WARS: ‘Cannonball’ found on Red Planet ‘proof Martian civilisation wiped out by war’

AN ANCIENT cannonball is the latest "finding" on Mars that proves the Red Planet was once home to a thriving civilisation, according to shock new claims. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

Moon hoax theorist ‘under attack’ for ‘exposing truth’ about lunar landings

A "MOON hoax" researcher claims he has come under attack for exposing anomalies in NASA footage that he claims could show the lunar landings were filmed in a studio. Daily Express ::...

Supermoon 2017: Shock claim – December Full Moon is ‘sign of END OF THE...

TONIGHT’S supermoon will light up the night skies like a beacon and some conspiracy theorists are convinced it is a doomsday sign from the heavens. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

Supermoon 2017: Did NASA lie? Shock claim Moon is only 4.7 miles from Earth

AS the supermoon 2017 prepares to rise on the horizon, it has been shockingly claimed that NASA hid the truth about the Moon from the world. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

SUPERMOON EARTHQUAKE? Could Sunday’s lunar event cause devastating tremors and tsunamis?

INCREASED gravitational force on Earth from Sunday's supermoon could increase the risk of major earthquakes or tsunamis striking, it has been claimed. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

Did Trump warn of bizarre psychological operation with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tweet?

CONSPIRACY theorists have been sent into overdrive with speculation about a bizarre so-called "psyop" against US citizens after Donald Trump allegedly warned of a psychological operation in a cryptic tweet. Daily Express...


Nintendo Switch Presentation to include huge Pokemon console release date announcement?

THE NINTENDO Switch presentation later this week is set to include some big surprises for fans, will one of them be the official release...