Barcelona admits Catalonia independence crisis has caused DROP in hotel reservations

BARCELONA has revealed the current Catalonia independence political crisis is putting off tourists and causing a drop in hotel reservations in the city. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Rome opens highest tier of Colosseum to tourists for first time in 40 years

ROME is opening the top tier of the Colosseum, so tourists can enjoy incredible views unseen for 40 years. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Hurricane Nate travel warning: Is it still safe to go to Cancun?

HURRICANE NATE is set to hit Cancun and has already killed at least 22 people in Costa Rica, so is it still safe to head to Mexico? Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Google Maps ERROR: Tourists searching for iconic landmark sent to DEAD-END instead

GOOGLE MAPS has been wrongly directing travellers to a dead-end street instead of the iconic Three Sisters in Australia’s Blue Mountains. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Why has Monarch gone bust – and are other carriers at RISK? Truth behind...

WHY HAS Monarch gone bust? The UK airline has ceased trading, throwing the plans of almost 800,000 travellers into chaos. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Google Maps mystery: Street View uncovers THIS creepy sight in a deserted field in...

GOOGLE MAPS Street View has unearthed a creepy sighting in the midst of a deserted field in Finland. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

WATCH: Google Maps captures young woman doing THIS on her bike

GOOGLE MAPS has captured the moment a woman does this on her bike as the famous Street View car drives past. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Cruise safety – Do cruise ships have security scanners REVEALED

CRUISE ships are seen as a great alternative holiday without needing to fly but do they have the same security systems compared to airports? Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Bali volcano: Qatar Airways latest news and travel update on bali volcano and flights

BALI volcano: Mount Agung is on the cusp of an eruption and thousands have been evacuated. Qatar Airways are still selling flights to the country; update and travel news regarding flights....

WATCH: Terrifying moment cruise battles a HURRICANE during stormy weather

A TERRIFYING video shows a cruise ship battling a hurricane during a storm at sea. Daily Express :: Travel Feed


Retirees unwilling to sacrifice THIS to pay for old age care...

BRITONS do not want to sacrifice their family homes to pay any old age care bills, new research has found. Daily Express :: Finance Feed