Blood pressure: Eating THIS 65p vegetable will lower your heart disease risk

EATING spinach could lower your blood pressure for just 65p. Daily Express :: Health Feed

Best anti-ageing supplements: Taking THESE three nutrients could ward off grey hair

ANTI-AGEING supplements to add to your cupboard include zinc, copper and vitamin B12 since being deficient in the nutrients could accelerate greying hair. Daily Express :: Health Feed

STATIN WARNING: Patients ‘used as guinea pigs’ – shock claim from experts

PATIENTS prescribed statins are being used as unwitting “guinea pigs” because the side effects have not been properly investigated say experts. Daily Express :: Health Feed

Lyme disease patient goes SEVEN YEARS undiagnosed with ‘flu-like’ KILLER condition

A LYME disease patient has urged the NHS to invest in treatments for the rare condition, after going seven years with the killer disease undiagnosed. Daily Express :: Health Feed

HEADACHE WARNING: Asthma in pregnancy linked to THESE painful conditions

PREGNANT women with asthma are more likely to give birth to underweight babies, and suffer from headaches and vision problems, a study has found. Daily Express :: Health Feed

Brain tumours: Pregnant mothers around THIS could be increasing kids’ risk of growths

PESTICIDES could encourage brain tumours to grow in children, a report claims. Daily Express :: Health Feed

Exercising can BEAT depression: Just one hour a week can reduce chance of symptoms

EXERCISING for just one hour per week is enough to prevent depression and the work-out does not even need to be intense, a study reveals. Daily Express :: Health Feed

Arthritis pill: Daily intake of new treatment halts disabling bone loss and damage

A DAILY pill which halts the disabling bone loss caused by osteoarthritis is being hailed as a new dawn in the treatment of the disease. Daily Express :: Health Feed

DEMENTIA SIGN: Older people who lose sense of smell more likely to develop dementia

OLDER people who lose their sense of smell are more than twice as likely to develop dementia, scientists revealed yesterday. Daily Express :: Health Feed

REVEALED: Top 50 heart-racers – which things get YOUR heart thumping?

RESEARCHERS have identified the top 50 things that get our hearts racing – with sex, rows and our very first kiss among the top triggers. Daily Express :: Health Feed


Plane passenger FIGHTS are most likely to be caused by THIS...

FLIGHTS are often disrupted by passenger rows mid-air, which can range from minor to seriously aggressive. Daily Express :: Travel Feed